Submission Guidelines

A manuscript submitted for publication should have the article title, authors, their officials and contact information (phone, e-mail) name of the institution where the work was performed, the abstract, keywords - all of the above both in English and in Russian , the introduction (short), the purpose of the study, material and methods, results and discussion, conclusions, or conclusion, references, consisting of not less than 10 names. When writing and drafting articles for the publication the Editorial Board asks to follow these editorial guidelines.

1. The title of the article should meet the following requirements:

  • Titles of scientific articles should be informative;
  • You can use only standard abbreviations in the title.
  • Title of the article should not contain more than 8-9 words.

2. References should be in alphabetical order - first domestic and then foreign authors and executed in accordance with GOST 2008 7.0.5. References should be listed and numbered at the end of the paper. References cited in the text should appear as the corresponding numbers in square bracket with or without the author' names in front. (for example, [12, 67] - the source of T70; 12 on the list of references at the end of the text, page 67).References should be given in the following form: a) for Journal Articles - Author(s) last name, followed by first and middle initials; Article Title; Journal Title; Volume Number; Location; Year of Publication; Pages; b) for Books - Author(s) last name, followed by first and middle initials; Book Title; Publisher Location; Name of Publisher; Year of Publishing; Pages (GOST 7.1 -84). References should list e only those works which are already published.

3. The article should have an index on UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) tables, available in libraries.

4. The volume of abstracts must include a minimum of 100-250 words (According to GOST 7.9-95: 850 characters, not less than 10 lines). Abstract of not less than 10 lines should summarize the main subject of the article and contain the results of the research.

Papers submitted for publication must meet three criteria: One, the manuscript must contribute to knowledge, theory, and practice; Two, the manuscript content must be accurate and scholarly; and Three, the manuscript must conform to the editorial guidelines of the Journal presented below:

The paper should be submitted as a file and via email. The paper should be in APA style and typewritten in Microsoft Word with font size 11 (Times New Roman), Do not insert page numbers.

Footnotes are not allowed. All formulas and/or equations (if any) should be done by using Microsoft Equation 2.0. and be placed on separate lines and numbered consecutively, with the equation/formula numbers placed in parentheses and aligned against the left margin.

Tables, figures, and graphs should be typed as close as possible to the location where they are cited. No abbreviations (all words appearing in tables should be fully spelled out). Headings should be centered, bold-faced, and in all capital letters above the table or figure. All tables must be in boxes. The size of the heading for each table or graph should be "LARGE."

The body of the manuscript should be single space. Double space before and after first-level and second-level headings. Triple space between the title and before and after the author's name.

All paragraphs should be indented with a tab of five (5) spaces, paragraph 1.25. You must leave a space after each paragraph.

The margins should be as follows: Left Margin: 1 inch or 2.5 cm Right Margin: 1 inch or 2.5 cm Top Margin: 1 inch or 2.5 cm Bottom Margin: 0,7 inch or 2 cm

All spelling, grammar, and punctuation are the responsibility of the author(s). No corrections will be made by the Journal Editors. Therefore, all articles must be edited prior to submission.

Note: Rejected manuscripts will not be returned to the author(s).

Manuscripts which fail to meet the specifications will be returned to the author and risk not being published or at the very least, delaying the publication schedule.

A manuscript submitted for publication in the Journal should not have appeared or be under consideration for publication in other journals. Citation of the original work must be included.

After acceptance by the Journal, a paper or any portion of a paper may not be published elsewhere without prior written approval from the Editors. A manuscript published in the Journal becomes the property of the Journal, with the Journal possessing exclusive right to publication. All copyrights will belong to the Journal.

The Journal reserves the right to edit manuscripts for brevity, clarity, and consideration of style.

The electronic version of it should be sent to:

The title of the manuscript should be in all capital letters, bold-faced, and centered at the top of the first page. The author(s) and affiliation(s) should be centered, bold-faced, and single-spaced beginning on the third line below the title. Do not use titles such as Dr. or Professor, etc. The size of the name(s) should be "LARGE." (12 point). For Example:

John Smith, Tyumen Industrial University Mary Jones, University of California, Berkeley

If you have more than one author and all authors have the same affiliation, use the following format:

John Smith
Kathy Matthews Tyumen Industrial University