"News from Higher Educational Institutions. Sociology. Economics. Politics " is a scientific journal, focusing on theory and research methodology of socio-economic, socio-political and socio-cultural processes.

The journal publishes articles related to sociological interpretation of urgent theoretical and practical issues of Russian society and its regions as well as the generalizing foreign experience of solving socio-economic, political and legal, ethno-cultural, historic, demographic issues and other aspects of vital activities of the society.

The Journal's credo is professionalism, scientific reasoning, a constructive and critical position towards activities both of the institutions of governmental bodies and civil society.

The Journal is targeted to those scientists and practitioners, who are interested in creation of conditions for sustainable and balanced development of the society and the formation of the environment favorable for realization of the creative potential of a personality, to those, who conduct scientific analysis of modern social realities, seek to reflect complex public processes and to develop ways of transformation.